#clickyourclock on your weekend result

Alexander Radice-Gomm

Did you race this weekend? Many of the results are now in. Make sure you #clickyourclock on yours before 12 o' clock tomorrow to be in with a chance of winning a Polar FT4 heart rate monitor in the first of our weekly #clickyourclock competitions for 2016.

With plenty of races to pick from this weekend there are lots of results that have clocks to be clicked! Some of the bigger races were:

Vitality North London Half Marathon - 6,800 finishers

Brentwood Half Marathon - 2,823 finishers

Hastings Half Marathon - 2,821 finishers* awaiting usable results

Stafford Half Marathon - 2,734 finishers

Brooks Fleet Pre-London Half Marathon? - 2,574 finishers

Eastleigh 10K - 2,308 finishers

There are currently 156 runners on the leaderboard who have improved their handicap score in the race they did this weekend. They will all be entered into the prize draw for the Polar FT4 Heart Rate monitor along with anyone else who clicks their clock and sees a % improvement from their race this weekend.

Alexander Radice - Gomm (handicap 8.0) (pictured) and Gary Bywater (handicap 14.7) were amongst those that ran the Vitality North London Half Marathon at the weekend and their results gave them a 6.76% and 4.59% improvement respectively.

Meanwhile, Joel Harrison (handicap 10.2) ran the Stafford Half Marathon and registered a 4.89% improvement and Jen Elkins (handicap 3.8) ran the Eastleigh 10k and made a 2.87% improvement.

The best improvement, so far, is John Roberts (handicap 2.3) who did the Fulham Palace parkrun on Saturday and improved his score by 12.54%. At the other end of the spectrum, Ian Maudsley (handicap 3.3) did the Temple Newsham parkrun and sneaked in a 0.06% improvement.

Did you improve your % score this weekend? If so, be sure to #clickyourclock before 12 o' clock tomorrow when the competition finishes for this week!