#clickyourclock on your weekend result

Gethin Jones

There were four days of racing this weekend. Did you race? Many of the results are now in. Make sure you #clickyourclock on yours before 12 o' clock tomorrow to be in with a chance of winning a Polar FT4 heart rate monitor in week 2 of the weekly #clickyourclock competitions for 2016.

There are lots of results that have clocks to be clicked! Some of the bigger races were:

Cardiff Half Marathon - 12,000 estimate * Awaiting results in usable format

North Tyneside 10K - 1,779 finishers

Bushy parkrun - 1,030 finishers

Folkestone 10 - 641 finishers

Salford 10K - 573 finishers

Trowse 10K - 506 finishers * Awaiting results in usable format

There are currently 343 runners on the leaderboard who have improved their handicap score in the race they did this weekend. They will all be entered into the prize draw for the Polar FT4 Heart Rate monitor along with anyone else who clicks their clock and sees a % improvement from their race this weekend.

Both Graham Clarkson (handicap 11.4) and Oliver Stride (handicap 14.7) made big improvements to their scores at the  Folkestone 10. Graham ran the ten mile route in 67.35 and improved his score by a massive 19.98% whilst Oliver ran it in 66:40 for an improvement of 14.94%.

Meanwhile, Fiona Wood (handicap 21.7) was racing at the North Tyneside 10k and improved her score by 6.09 % for her time of 53:05.

Gethin Jones (handicap 4.6) (pictured) was one of the 12,000 who took to the streets of Cardiff, after the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships, on Saturday and ran the Cardiff Half Marathon in 78:37 for a 12.11% improvement.

Did you improve your % score this weekend? If so, be sure to #clickyourclock before 12 o' clock tomorrow when the competition finishes for this week!