#clickyourclock on your weekend result

Martin Williams

It was a very big weekend for racing! Did you race? Many of the results are now in. Make sure you #clickyourclock on yours before 12 o' clock tomorrow to be in with a chance of winning a Polar FT4 heart rate monitor in week 4 of the weekly #clickyourclock competitions for 2016.

There are lots of results that have clocks to be clicked! Some of the bigger races were:

Brighton Marathon - 6,923 finishers * Awaiting download / organiser submission (with club information)

Plymouth Half Marathon -  4,721 finishers

Asda Foundation City of Lincoln 10K - 4,682 finishers

Derby 10K - 3,455 finishers

Great Edinburgh 10 - 3,280 finishers

Brighton Mini Mile Races - 2,201 finishers

There are currently 409 runners on the leaderboard who have improved their handicap score in the race they have done during the last week. They will all be entered into the prize draw for the Polar FT4 Heart Rate monitor along with anyone else who clicks their clock and sees a % improvement from the race they ran.

Mark Liptrot (handicap 8.8) has, so far, made the biggest improvement. His 37:44, at the Birmingham Zebra 10k, gave him a 6.061% improvement.

Abbie Robb (handicap 13.9) and Molli Robb (handicap 14.2) were two of our younger runners, in the competition, to make improvements when they competed in the 800m at the Livingston Open Meeting last Wednesday evening. Abbie ran her two laps in 2:49.02 and improved her score by 1.376% and Molli ran hers in 2:58.06 for a 1.117% improvement.

Meawhile. Fleur Hollyer (handicap 16.9) had very good run at the Brighton Mini Mile, on Saturday. She clocked 6:56, making an improvement of 1.088%.

Mark Paulson (handicap 18.1) was one of the 4,682 to finish the Asda Foundation City of Lincoln 10k. He clocked 49:45, that gave him a 1.270% improvement whilst Martin Williams (handicap 17.0) (pictured) clocked a 49:09 at the Port Sunlight 10k for a 1.034% improvement.

Did you improve your % score this weekend? If so, be sure to #clickyourclock before 12 o' clock tomorrow when the competition finishes for this week!