#clickyourclock on your weekend result

James Kirkpatrick

Have you raced in the last week?  Many of the results are now in. Make sure you #clickyourclock on yours before 12 o' clock to be in with a chance of winning a Polar FT4 heart rate monitor in week 14 of the weekly #clickyourclock competition for 2016.

There are lots of results that have clocks to be clicked! Some of the bigger races were:

Swansea Half Marathon -  4,276 finishers

Torbay Half Marathon - 1,598 finishers

Humber Bridge Half Marathon - 1,775 finishers

Bushy parkrun - 993 finishers

Ards Half Marathon - 602 finishers

North Downs 30K - 538 finishers

All runners currently on the leaderboard who have improved their handicap score in the race they have done during the last week will be entered into the prize draw for the Polar FT4 Heart Rate monitor along with anyone else who clicks their clock and sees a % improvement from the race they ran.

Steve Bott (handicap 13.8 ) is currently top of the leaderboard with a 4.389% improvement after a 45:07 clocking at the Worcester Pitchcroft 10k on Sunday. Steve has recently started racing regularly after a few quiet years and now he is reaping the rewards.

Jane Ives (handicap 18.6) has also made a great improvement after a comeback to regular racing. She improved by 3.436% this week and was one of the 1775 finishers at the Humber Bridge Half Marathon. She ran the 13.1 mile course in a fantastic 1:52:16. Meanwhile, Daniel Baugh (handicap 7.0) and Colin Peters (handicap 3.9) were two of the 1598 finishers at the Torbay Half Marathon. Daniel's 89:51 clocking reduced his score by 1.444% and Colin's 83:06 brought his down by 1.368%. James Kirkpatrick (handicap 9.3) (pictured) was amongst the 4,276 finishers at the Swansea Half Marathon where his 90:56 brought his score down by 1.169%.

Did you improve your % score this weekend? If so, be sure to #clickyourclock before 12 o' clock when the competition finishes for this week!