Continued growth in the first half of the year

With the first half of 2015 behind us, we've been checking on our event figures.

Once again, the stats show that we can celebrate maginficent growth in the number events that have been added to the calender and the number of events and runners using our online entry in 2015.

We passed 2,000 licensed races in the first week of June compared to end of October last year and we anticipate our 500th online entry race of the year within the next few days, compared to 498 in the whole of 2014.

Last year runners saved a cumulative £124,894 by using the runbritain online entry service. So far, in 2015 runners have already saved a cumulative £73,113.

With the runbritain online service, the only charge incurred is the card charge which averages 60p per entry that goes directly to the card companies. Card charges are deducted at source and the balance of the entry fee is then transferred to the race.

Check out our race calendar for your favourite races and the option to enter online for no cost other than the entry fee!

For details on how to licence your race and register it with the runbritain online service, email