Countdown is on for March Reward Running

Countdown is on for March Reward Running

Reward Running 2012With only just over a fortnight left to enter Reward Running for March – a free monthly competition between March and October with the aim of improving racing performances as much as possible by measuring who has improved their runbritain handicap the most - time is running out to register for a chance to win.

Each month runners can win a Reward Running prize if they reduce their handicap score by the largest number of points in the month. There are 10 prizes to be won, split between those new to running and those who are already established. 

To give everybody a fair chance of improving their handicap, entrants need to have done at least two licensed UKA road or multi-terrain races (including parkruns) in the year before the start of each month's competition and prizes will be awarded to runners in each of the four handicap categories (5 or below, 6-12, 13-20 & 21 or above) in addition to those who are regular racers and have completed ten or more events in the last year.

Only runners who have entered that particular month's competition can win a prize, although you can win more than one monthly prize if you continue to improve.

At the end of each month, the runner who has improved the most in that month will receive an adidas Mi-Coach system (RRP £120) and the rest of the top 10 best improvers will receive one set of Sennheiser’s headphones.

*Claiming your handicap is not the same as entering for March Reward Running, so make sure you don’t miss out.*

For those who are sill to claim their free runbritain handicap score, we have a free adidas mi-coach (worth £125) for the 20,000th runner to get on board and that landmark figure is fast approaching.

The handicap scoring scheme, which has been in operation since September 2010, gives every runner in the 4,000 UKA-licensed British road races each year a personal handicap score ranging from 0.0 to 36.0. The score automatically updates each time you race, once you have claimed and rewards regular racing as well as automatically factoring in a degree of difficulty on races that are multi-terrain, hilly or windy.

The good news is that you can improve your handicap score even if you don’t break your PB. All racing distances are covered.

All the information you need is on the runbritain rankings site and the free runner biog page also lists your racing history, your progress graphs, your national ranking and ladder position as well as your best racing distance and the possibility of comparing your results head to head with any other runner.  

Check it out - and sign up if you haven’t already done so - now.