Course Measurers needed!


Whether you are an interested runner, a retired athlete or an athlete in rehabilitation, course measuring is a skill in short supply in many areas at present.

The first thing that most runners consider is how long a race is. Then, most want to know if it is has been accurately measured so that they can evaluate their performance, especially if they hope to achieve a personal best.

All road races that advertise a set distance should be officially measured by an accredited UK course measurer. The Association of UK Course Measurers (AUKCM) accredits measurers in the UK and Measured courses are issued with a UKA Certificate of Course Accuracy by AUKCM.

Once a race has its measurement certificate it can use the “Certified Accurate" logo in its publicity material. This is instantly recognised by officials and most runners as a guarantee of measurement accuracy. The Power of 10 Rankings only recognises performances on courses licensed by UKA and which have a Certificate of Course Accuracy.

There are currently vacancies for course measurers in Somerset/N Devon, Gloucestershire/Hereford, Norfolk, Northants/Notts/Lincs,  North and West Wales and in Scotland, the Highlands, North of the Great Glen and the Western Isles.


If you are based in any of these areas and are  interested then please attempt the introductory lesson and test at  or email with any queries or for further information.