Did you know...Olympics-related facts courtesy of adidas!

In less than 24 hours, the Opening Ceremony to the London 2012 Olympic Games will begin, and amidst all the press and all the hype around the Games, there are some amazing feats of athleticism to consider!

For example, did you know that....

• Our athletes will run almost 8,500 kilometres, the equivalent of over six lengths of the UK.

• Our athletes will jump 1,584 metres, that's the same as five times the length of London's Shard building, the tallest building in Europe.

• Our athletes will swim the distance of 140km or more than four times the width of the English Channel.

• 7,500 metres of fabric will be used to dress our Team GB athletes, enough to wrap 60 London buses.

• 70,000 metres of laces have been used in adidas' footwear for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games; which if tied end to end would be able to wrap around Buckingham Palace five times.

• The Team GB shoe is a striking bright red colour to reflect the passion athletes have for being the best in the world.