Ealing Half Marathon Organiser Appears in Crime Thriller!


Author Gavin de Bier has released the keenly anticipated follow up, Consider it Done, to his critically acclaimed first novel, Bobbing Heads.

Consider it Done is an unusual, gripping, fast paced, multi-faceted thriller, and whilst linked to Bobbing Heads, it can be enjoyed without having read that book first.

Bobbing Heads was primarily set in Ealing and featured the Ealing Half Marathon as a key part in the story.The action in Consider It Done takes place in several places, however Ealing remains at the heart of the story. As Sandra Courtney the organiser of the Ealing Half Marathon was so supportive of Bobbing Heads, de Bier has named a character in Consider It Done after her! Sandra said, “I loved Bobbing Heads and it was great that the Ealing half Marathon featured so heavily and now to have a character named after me is fantastic!”

It can sometimes be difficult for writers to produce a follow up to a successful first novel and we asked if this was the case with Consider it Done. So, as soon as I had finished Bobbing Heads, I had ideas for the next one as the characters give me energy and I didn’t want to lose any momentum. In similar fashion, I am now starting the follow up to Consider it Done.”

de Bier’s books have been compared to John Marrs, Erin Kelly, and T M Logan.We asked if he is happy with those comparisons. “Of course! They are great writers and I am happy to be considered alongside them.

Coach and Commentator Geoff Wightman read Consider It Done via his kindle on the plane coming back from a training camp in South Africa and described it as “A very entertaining and captivating read.”

Consider it Donecan be purchased via this link for  just £2.50

Ealing Half Marathon- https://www.ealinghalfmarathon.com/