Elisabetta Benini is the 75,000th handicap claimant!

The runbritain rankings system

Elisabetta Benini (handicap 15.4) became runbritain's 75,000th handicap claimant when she claimed her score after running theBurgess parkrun and then the Regent's Park Summer 10k Series earlier this month. As she clicked the tab to 'Claim your Handicap' she became our 75,000th runner to do so!

Elisabetta's first result, showing on her profile page, is from the Burgess parkrun that she did on 1st April, this year. She was given a score of 21.4 before going on to run it several times through April, May and June. When July came around, she branched out to do more runs and races in the Greater London area, making big improvements towards her current score of 15.4. She has also taken 3:13 off her 5k time!

runbritain's revolutionary handicap scoring system (a bit like a golf handicap!) is designed to give distance runners, of all levels, the ability to benchmark their progress and compare their results across a range of distances and terrains. The system rewards good performances but also factors in the degree of difficulty for slower courses as well as rewarding regular racing and so, to prevent your handicap from slipping you need to turn out regularly for races or parkruns.

Well done Elisabetta - We look forward to seeing how low you can go with your score!

If you haven't already done it, claim your handicap score without delay.