Elites lining up for final race of the Grand Prix

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The final race of the runbritain Grand Prix takes place on 16th November at the Age UK Leeds Abbey Dash 10k and the entry list is filling fast.

Positioned on the calendar, just two weeks before the trial for the European Cross Country Championships, many athletes will use this flat, fast and competitive 10k to sharpen up and test themselves against each other.

The women's race has already signed European Cross Country regulars who are capable of running 10k on the road in the region of 33 minutes. Beth Potter (handicap MINUS 1.5),  Jess Coulson (handicap MINUS 1.3) and Steph Twell (handicap MINUS 0.6) look likely to challenge for top honours in this race but none of the above have competed in the other Grand Prix races and so will not feature in the overall standings or a share of the £18,000 of prize money that will be divided up between the top ten men and women in the series.

Emma Stepto (handicap MINUS 0.9) is the current leader of the Grand Prix and her 2:32:40, at the BMW Frankfurt Marathon indicates that she too will be hard to beat over the 10k distance. She is surely favourite to win the £3000 that will go to the overall Grand Prix winner.

Rachel Felton (handicap 0.2) is also on the start list and currently in 6th position in the standings.after having done only three races so far. Another good performance here will put her in the top three and the chance of prize money in the region of four figures.

The current leader of the men's Grand Prix is Scott Overall (handicap MINUS 5.5). He has safely claimed the winning £3000 as his score of 1398 points can't be beaten. To date, he hasn't signed up to start this final race.

Those that look likely to race for top honours, times under 30 minutes and as a sharpener for the cross country trials include Callum Hawkins (handicap MINUS 5.3) who lowered his handicap to MINUS 5.3 when he ran 63:06 at the Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Half Marathon at the beginning of this month, Andrew Butchart (handicap MINUS 5.0), Nick Swinburn (handicap MINUS 4.1), Steve Mitchell (handicap MINUS 5.1) and Aaron Scott (handicap MINUS 4.1).

The Martin brothers, Pat (handicap MINUS 4.5) and Jack (handicap MINUS 4.4) are also likely to feature, Jack has done three of the Grand Prix races to date and looks likely to move into the overall top five with another good run here.

At all six events that make up the Grand Prix, points are awarded for the first 250 finishing positions.  250 points are awarded for the first British finisher, down to 1 point for the 250th British finisher. Time bonuses are also available.

Up to the best four scores from the six available races count at the end of the  series. Have you been taking part in the Grand Prix? Will you be at this final event? If you haven't entered yet you can do so here.