ElliptiGO Riders Successfully Complete Britain’s toughest Cycling Challenge


AUDAX UK, the long distance cycling association, holds its premier Long Distance Cycling Event, The London Edinburgh London AUDAX (usually referred to as LEL), every 4 years. This year the event took place from 28 July-2 August and over 1000 riders from 33 countries took part. The challenge is for cyclists to ride from London to Edinburgh and back to London – a distance of 1419 km - within a time limit of 116 hours and 40 minutes. The event is continuously timed, with no separate distinct stages, so riders have to decide for themselves how long their daily riding segments will be.

Adding variety to this year’s challenge was ElliptiGO UK’s Marketing Director Idai Makaya (aged 39) from Milton Keynes and ElliptiGO customer Alan McDonogh, a 55 year old self-employed printer from Northampton. Both riders faced numerous hill climbs throughout the route, a strong headwind for the entire second half of the event, the hottest day of the year on the last day of the ride and few mass accidents and mishaps along the way – all of which lost the group several hours against the clock even before half way. But the two riders put in a strong finish to beat the time limit in an epic cycling challenge.
Idai later explained why they took on the challenge of riding ElliptiGOs in the longest and toughest road cycling event in Britain, saying: “Many people don’t realise the performance capabilities of the ElliptiGO bike - because its shape, riding posture and mechanism of propulsion look so different to those of a diamond-frame road bicycle. However, the ElliptiGO delivers a unique, comfortable and fun riding experience which combines the best aspects of running, cycling and indoor cross-training machines. We covered 1419 km in under 116 hours 40 minutes - on the toughest and hilliest course in the country - to show people just what the ElliptiGO is capable of. We made it up every hill which confronted us and through the tough headwinds and exceptionally high temperatures - and remained comfortable throughout.”

ElliptiGO Inc. is the San Diego-based company that created the world’s first outdoor elliptical bicycle. Combining the best of running, cycling and the elliptical trainer, the ElliptiGO delivers a high-performance workout experience that closely mimics running outdoors, while eliminating the impact. The ElliptiGO provides the most comfortable, fun and efficient way to get outside and be active. The full line of ElliptiGOs is available for purchase through the company’s website: www.elliptigo.co.uk and ElliptiGO UK is actively looking for new retail partners throughout the UK and Europe. You can reach ElliptiGO UK on contact@elliptigo.com or contact Idai Makaya on 0777381821.