ElliptiGO riders to marshal the 2015 Milton Keynes Marathon

Milton Keynes Half Marathon

Every year since its inception there have been volunteer marshals at the Milton Keynes Marathon riding on ElliptiGOs.

This year, ElliptiGO volunteers are  from far and wide but  more are still needed. ElliptiGO riders are asked to email contact@elliptigo.com to express interest. Volunteers will each receive a medal, a commemorative T-shirt and an invite to the post-event party!

For ElliptiGO riders, it's a good opportunity to meet other ElliptiGO riders and enjoy a few hours doing some easy social riding at a great event. For runners, it's an opportunity to learn about this 'running bike' that can be used for cross training and increasing your volume of training without the impact.

Check out the map to see where other ElliptiGO riders are participating in challenges and training

The ElliptoGO community is quickly growing as more runners discover the benefits of 'running without impact' and many are putting themselves on the map. Is there an ElliptiGO rider in your area? If so, you may be able to link up and take a look at the ElliptiGO first-hand. Check out the map here.