EMS technology specialists SIXPAD diversify with launch of brand new FootFit product

SIXPAD Foot fit

SIXPAD, pioneers in the field of EMS technology, announced the launch of their brand-new Foot Fit product to the European market, scientifically proven to improve calf muscle strength, quad strength, calf muscle hypertrophy and toe strength.

  • SIXPAD Foot Fit targets feet, calves and lower body through patented EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) technology
  • Independent studies support a 76% and 29% increase in calf muscle strength and quad strength respectively, in just 8 weeks
  • Solidifies SIXPAD’s stance as a leading provider of health, fitness and wellness technologies

Featuring SIXPAD’s patented EMS technology, which operates at an optimum frequency of 20Hz, the product works through the generation of electrical currents over the course of a unique, automated 23-minute program cycle calculated for efficiency. These travel through both feet when placed on the device, passing from the calf and tibialis anterior muscles, up to the thighs, acting to strengthen the muscle tissues efficiently.

A simple solution to improved lower body strength which can be used while resting, independent studies conducted by research agency U’eyes Design Inc. have yielded impressive results. Calf muscle strength and quad strength were found to be improved by 76% and 29% respectively after eight weeks using once a day, 65% and 21% improvements noted after just four weeks.

The research also yielded strong improvements of 12% in both calf muscle hypertrophy and toe strength, and the launch marks an exciting time for SIXPAD as they continue to diversify their EMS offering in the European market.

The product is hallmarked by 20 customisable intensity levels with the ability to control and navigate through these using either adjustable foot controls or smart Bluetooth technology, a carry handle and child safety lock among other features.

SIXPAD’s unique 20Hz frequency was created by Professor Toshio Moritani, a driving authority in the field of EMS technology having studied and researched the training effects of EMS for over 40 years.

He found that at 20Hz, strength of muscular contraction is at its highest, muscle tension is maintained to allow sustained efficient stimulation, more oxygen is consumed enhancing efficacy, and fundamental fast twitch muscle fibres are targeted without the need for heavy loading.

SIXPAD FootFit is available via eu.sixpad.com