English National Cross Country

The English National Cross Country Running Championships took place at Parliament Hill, in London, on Saturday in glorious weather. You may remember last year's event at Alton Towers when we quipped that the runners experienced a new ride of gloop and slime and slides to hurtle down! The conditions on Saturday couldn't have contrasted more and this probably contributed to record numbers taking part. Altogether 4622 runners finished out of all of the races.

Ketih Gerrard

Keith Gerrard who has a runbritain handicap score of MINUS 2.4, was first to cross the line this year, in front of Steve Vernon, the reigning champion, whose runbritain handicap score is MINUS 0.8.

The women's title went to the 2011 runbritain Grand Prix winner, Gemma Steel, who has a handicap score of MINUS 0.6.