Enter Reward Running today and get all of October's improvements

Reward Running Scheme Image

How are you doing on the runbritain handicap rankings? A quick look at our facebook page tells us that last weekend was a great weekend for lowering the scores.

Well done to:

John Dodds (handicap 8.7) who lowered his score from 9.3 at the Chester Marathon

Ken Summerfield (handicap 27.2) who lowered his score from 29.7 at the Southend 10k

Ian Thompson (handicap 5.0) who, running with a cold, achieved a lower score than last year at the Basingstoke Half Marathon when his score was 6.5

Steve Hill (handicap 16.2) who lowered his score from 17.2 at the Milton Keynes parkrun

Pete Waumsley (handicap 0.0) who lowered his score from 0.2 at the Lloyds Bank Cardiff Half Marathon

No matter what time in the month you enter the Reward Running competition your handicap improvements will count for that month so, to be in with a chance of winning an adidas miCoach or Sennheiser headphones, make sure you sign up before the end of the month especially if your score is going in the right direction!

At the end of each month, the most improved  runner in each category is rewarded with an adidas miCoach or Sennheiser headphones along with other improvers plus two spot prizes (we have 12 prizes in all). The categories are:

1: 5 or under
2: 6-12
3: 13-20
4: 21 or above

The top ten at the moment are:

Position Name Category Races in the month Improvement
1 Shane Young 4 2 4.688
2 Geraldine Hodges 3 1 2.974
3 Howard Williams 3 1 2.551
4 Dave Taylor 3 2 2.395
5 Simon Wallis 4 1 2.218
6 David Johnson 4 1 2.205
7 Mark Grandy 3 1 2.051
8 Kayleigh Dunn 3 1 1.996
9 Neil Cooper 2 1 1.801
10 Simon Barrett 1 1 1.771

Make sure you are in it to win it!