Ethical t-shirts for running events

ethical t shirts

Almost every day now we hear something in the news about climate change, the effects of our lifestyle on our planet and the abuse of power in the business community. It looks like these issues are here to stay and there are many taking steps to meet these challenges head on.

The apparel industry is moving more towards sustainability and making some changes. Some of the biggest consumers of organic cotton are now well known high street brands. High end sports brands are turning to recycled fabrics and investing in innovations that reduce water consumption and other natural resources.

However, the internal workings of the apparel industry are highly complex with supply chains that span across the whole globe. Businesses, charities and even event organisers using this sector unfortunately inherit these problems.

The Ethicologist conducts market research for the ethical apparel industry working with end users to understand and meet their specific needs. One of their services is to supply ethical t-shirts to running events and follow up with an online survey. The event benefits by not only having the challenge of finding ethical t-shirt suppliers taken care of, but also receiving survey results giving them customer feedback and valuable insight into their event.

We have recently seen the surcharge on the use of plastic bags go national and envisage similar initiatives to reduce the use of cotton, plastic, water and the amount of landfill in the not too distant future. The Ethicologist encourages the use of market research data to stay ahead of the forecast and make intelligent and informed changes that would benefit you for the long haul. If you are interested in finding out how you can benefit from their services check out