Farah back to MINUS 7 handicap score

Mo 2 mile world record

Double Olympic 10,000m and 5,000m Champion Mo Farah (handicap -7.0) took his handicap back down to MINUS 7.0 with his new World Record for 2 miles at the weekend. 

Mo, who has been as low as MINUS 7.7 typically gets his lowest handicaps during the summer track season and then it slips during the winter when he doesn't race as frequently. This is the first time he has been as low as MINUS 7.0 at this time of year and we are eagerly anticipating just how low he may go this summer.

The runbritain handicap system for running gives you an updated handicap each time you race (once you have claimed) and rewards regular racing as well as automatically factoring in a degree of difficulty on races that are multi-terrain, hilly or windy.

Starting from Wednesday, there will be a NEW format for the Reward Runnning competition.This competition, sponsored by Polar, rewards runners who have reduced their handicap score by the biggest margin and runs from March - November each year. This year, it moves to a weekly competition soon to be announced. WATCH THIS SPACE! On Saturday Mo recuced his score by 0.3 but there will be many runners competing each weekend who will reduce it by more and need to enter the competition to qualify for Polar prizes.