Gemma Steel on top of the ladder

The runbritain rankings system

After a stering performance at the Bupa Great Birmingham Run, Gemma Steel (handicap MINUS 2.0) is at the top of the ladder.

Although the race, that gave her a new personal best time of 70:19 for the half marathon, was more than a week ago she has only just gone to the top of the ladder as a result of the scores of the others slipping slightly because they haven't put in any recent performances. Marilyn Okoro (handicap MINUS 2.0) has slipped off the top as her score has taken a small tumble from MINUS 2.1. The exact scores for Gemma and Marilyn are MINUS 1.982 and MINUS 1.966 respectively.

Mo Farah (handicap MINUS 6.6) is still on the top of the men's ladder, although his score has also slipped from MINUS 6.7as a result of not having raced since the Great North Run.

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