Georgia Heath taking on Virgin Money London Marathon in memory of a person close to her heart.

Georgia Heath Breast Cancer Now

Georgia Heath is taking on Virgin Money London Marathon for Breast Cancer Now in tribute to a person close to her heart.

Here, Georgia talks about her motivation:


“My family say I am a very determined person that will stop at nothing if I set myself a goal. I wanted a fitness goal to set my sights on, rather than just going to the gym to 'look better'. So I started running again and decided to enter the Virgin Money London Marathon in 2016. I wanted to do it for a good cause so I decided to run for Breast Cancer Now. I chose this charity as my Grandmother had been surviving cancer for almost 15 years at the time, and I wanted to choose a charity close to our hearts. This goal became all the more significant to me when she lost her fight in July 2015.


The word I heard the most when people went to describe her was ‘special’. She was of course the most special person to our family but she touched so many other people’s hearts. She was a Community Nursing Sister and I used to thoroughly enjoy listening to her tell me her horror stories over and over again. She was a little person, and I mean little - barely 5ft with size 3 feet! But she had a personality larger than life. She always taught us to live life to the full, and often acting as my second Mum, I find it hard to find the words to do her justice. One of the final conversations I had with her, was telling her I was about to go for a 5 mile run, whilst she lay in her hospital bed, and her reply was ‘Can I come?’ She was never one to complain and always had a smile on her face and a positive attitude the whole way through her suffering.”


If you have your own place in this year’s Virgin Money London Marathon and have been inspired by Georgia’s story, join #TeamNow here and help to continue funding research into this devastating disease.