Get yourself a guaranteed personal best in 2015!

ElliptiGO endurance challenge

ElliptiGO are calling on runners to join their Endurance Team and train to complete the world’s longest-established, biggest and most prestigious long-distance cycling event, the Paris-Brest Paris (PBP 2015) randonnee and, by joining this team, you will be guaranteed a personal best in your 2015 target running event or a complete refund for your ElliptiGO!

Idai Makaya, Lead Enthusiast for ElliptiGO UK, said: “As a company made up mainly of athletes, at ElliptiGO we are well aware that our customers are keen on reaching peak fitness levels and exploring their absolute capabilities. The PBP 2015 challenge will test all of us to the extreme and will get all of us into the best shape of our lives.

“Of particular interest will be the effects of the high volume ElliptiGO training programme on those of our team athletes who are runners. Some of them will also be training for running races, such as marathons and half marathons, whilst preparing to ride in the PBP 2015 event. We expect to see a number of them setting personal best distance running times next year, both while training for PBP 2015 and also in the months afterwards.”

With all the training experience in the team, ElliptiGO are confident that they will help develop your fitness to the level required to complete this epic challenge whilst also preparing for your target running race and will refund the cost of your ElliptiGO if this doesn't happen.

If this challenge interests you please check out the team web page which lists current athletes and also shows how they will be training for the event. It also explains how new athletes can get involved in the team, whether they are existing ElliptiGO riders or people looking to take up ElliptiGO training for the first time.