Gifts for Runners

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As the winter weather kicks in and annual gifts become the norm for many of us; we have put together a few ideas to help pitch the perfect present!

Running Shoes - These should be replaced regularly to optimise the cushioning effects, so a fresh new pair will always be a good option. With everything from road to trail shoes and boots, there will be the perfect pair for everyone.  Many running stores offer free gait analysis, to find the best fit for feet and running style. The in-store experts usually recommend a few pairs, so it can still be a surprise for the recipient on the big day finding out which of the recommended pairs you picked.

Running Socks - Socks can help boost performance by providing the support and cushioning where needed. What’s more, they help increase ventilation and wick away moisture to help keep feet dry and prevent chafing and blisters.  Synthetic fabrics which are breathable and help wick away moisture are often the best choice. And 3 identical colour pairs are often better than 3 different colours, in case you lose 1 or 4 socks as you’ll still have a matching pair!

Running Pack - If you know someone who is keen to take their run to the next level, then a running pack might be just the thing. It will help them carry the kit they need like hydration, and spare clothing for changing conditions, so the recipient can go further and push harder. We offer a range of different packs all designed to minimise bounce to reduce back strain and enable freer movement.  At the simplest level this might be a gym sack or for those needing hydration options a hydration bladder backpack with a might be just the thing.

Head torch - Running through winter in rural areas that lack street lights are often a necessity for runners and hence a head-torch will make the perfect gift. Designed to be lightweight and comfortable, they light up the way without interfering with movement, so the wearer can maintain their pace in the dark and allow timing checks to be even easier on small watch faces.

Sports Watch - These are becoming the must-have accessory for anyone serious about fitness. Many popular smart-watch brands are already established while cheaper new brands are also emerging, so there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to finding the perfect watch. Basic models will track fitness including things like step count, heart rate and activity level, while more advanced models can track sleep patterns and  location allowing you to plan and stay on route in more challenging terrain.

Running Accessories - Keeping fit is easier with the right accessories to support your training. Fortunately, there are numerous other options to gift your loved ones; T-shirts, hats, gloves, energy bars, massage balls, calendars and training diaries to name just a few. You could bundle up two or three into a box and make their day something special and run further, faster and fulfilled!

There are various partner companies working with National Governing bodies that may allow you to get extra discount check out the kit sponsors like, Kukri and Joma along with those listed here for possible discounts (you may need your club registration number)

England Athletics Partnerships

Athletics Northern Ireland 

Welsh Athletics is able to offer excellent packages to suit the aims of any company. Our professional staff team works its hardest to ensure that all of our sponsors receive the best value possible out of their investment. Please contact

Scottish Athletics Partnerships

We are proud to partner with a number of organisations which share our goals and enable us to continue and expand our work to develop athletics at all levels in Scotland, from grassroots to performance.

Joma – With over 50 years’ experience designing and manufacturing the highest quality technical sportswear apparel and footwear. In addition to being our official kit supplier, FN Teamwear and Joma also offer scottishathletics leisurewear for sale to the public through our Online Shop.

Shokz bone conduction headphones – Offering discounts to our members – Read more about our partnership

Tru Wealth – Sponsors of the five-race Tru Wealth Road Race Championship Series, along with the Young Athletes Road Races and National Road Relays. The agreement with Tru Wealth runs for two years from the start of 2020 and will take in 14 Scottish championship events.  Read more about our partnership