Go easier in warmer temperatures

Summer Running

Whilst many are working from home with more flexible hours and more opportunity for running, we should also take heed and be wary of training hard in the heat. Here we bring advice on running in hot weather.

On very hot days you should slow your pace down and pick your time of day avoiding the midday sun. Early morning and late evenings are a far more sensible time to go out. The mornings can be particularly pleasant as the air feels clean and fresh and you have peace and quiet before the rest of the world awakens!

Think about the other weather factors. Is there a breeze? If so choose a route where the wind is behind you on the way out when you are still cool and fresh and then you will have it against you to cool you down in the latter parts of your run.


You would also be wise to choose a route with plenty of shade. Are you able to run through woodlands?


Sunscreen is a must when running in hot weather. When you're wearing shorts and singlet you are sure to get burnt if you neglect to slip, slop, slap. Light-coloured clothes help reflect the heat and moisture wicking, light fabrics will make for a more comfortable run . Avoid cotton. It will become wet and it prevents evaporation of your sweat, which is how your body cools itself, and can cause chafing. Wearing a cap is good as it protects your face from the sun but make sure this is made from breathable material. Lightweight socks are also good. Hot feet are no fun and can lead to your feet swelling and then your shoes feeling tight and black toe nails!


Don't forget to hydrate. If it is very hot you would be wise to sip some water every 20 minutes or as you feel you require it. You should continue to sip water when you have finished your run too but avoid glugging down big quantities. Research tells us that the average body can only absorb around 200ml, or  a glass of water, every 20 minutes into your bloodstream with the rest diverted to the bladder. Water absorption may be more difficult if you have a high caffeine consumption, so avoid coffee, coke and tea for 90 minutes after running if you have dehydrated.


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