Grand Prix update

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We are pleased to bring you the updated Grand Prix scoreboard after the fourth of six races took place on Saturday.

After winning three of the four races that have already taken place, Scott Overall (handicap MINUS 5.3) has a score of 1298, which is is 329 points ahead of Paul Martelletti (handicap MINUS 4.5) who is in second place. Both Scott and Paul have done all four races. In joint third is last year's Grand Prix winner. Nicholas Torry (handicap MINUS 4.7) and Alexander Miller (handicap MINUS 2.0) who both have 838 points. However, Nicholas has only competed in three of the races so far and, like those in 1st and 2nd, Alexander has done all four. In fifth place is John McDonnell (handicap MINUS 4.1) with a score of 810 points also off just three races.

In the women's Grand Prix, Samantha Amend (handicap 1.8) has shot to the top of the table after claiming 250 points for being first British finisher on Saturday. Samantha has done all four races and has a total of 951 points. Her race on Saturday enabled her to leap over Emma Stepto (handicap MINUS 0.7) who had been leading with 737 points, Emily Wicks (handicap MINUS 0.1) who is on 734 and Rachel Felton (handicap 0.0) who has 733 points.

Grand Prix points are awarded for the first 250 finishing positions in each of the six races. 250 points are awarded for the first British finisher, down to 1 point for the 250th British finisher. There are extra points available for time bonuses. Up to the best four scores from the six available races count at the end of the series. If the athlete scores points in less than four Grand Prix events, their best two, three or single score will count towards the final standings. Prize money totals £18,000 and is shared by the top 10 male and female British runners at the end of the series.

All eyes will now turn to the Lloyds Bank Cardiff Half Marathon on 5th October, that is the fifth race in the series, and also incorporates the British Half Marathon Championships.