Half a million more performances recorded in 2012 v 2011

The runbritain rankings system

The runbritain handicap system gives runners at all levels the ability to record their progress and compare their results on all terrains and over all distances and our figures show that more runners are tapping into the system for the benefits that it offers.

In 2012 the runbritain handicap scorers added 1,936,917 performances to the database compared with 1,507,756  in 2011 giving us an improvement of almost half a million. Performances recorded at parkrun were also up and add a further 901,470 onto last year's total and  516,586 onto the total in 2011.

More runners are signing up for the scheme year on year. The scheme was launched in 2010 and 7,936 signed up. The 2011 figure was 8,274 and last year we had a whopping 13,256 sign ups. Those of you who are good at maths will see that we are very close to 30,000 sign ups since we started. We are planning to reward our 30,000th sign up with an adidas mi-coach so if you haven't already discovered the benefits of the handicap scoring system it's time to register now!