Halloween smoothie for people with diabetes (or not)!

halloween pumpkin crop

Are smoothies good for diabetes? That depends. If it’s the 500ml  variety from a smoothie convenience chain with a drive-through, probably not. We bring you a great recipe, from the Diabetes Council, for Halloween with a link for some other great diabetic friendly smoothies too. 

If you make it at home in your blender, is it then good for diabetes? That again depends. The ingredients that you put in it, specifically the amount of sugar and balance of protein and “good” fats, and the portion size matter. 

The Diabetes Council states, for diabetes in particular, you should count carbohydrates.

You should know what a good size smoothie is for you. If you wonder what kinds of things you should put in it to make it healthier and delicious, you have come to the right place. We will help you to make nutritional sense of it all.

We have compiled a list of the best and healthiest smoothie recipes that we can find on the internet. It is late autumn and time for Halloween!

Autumn is one of our favourite seasons and the first two smoothies on the list gather autumn spices into a delicious recipe.

Make your own healthy smoothie and invite friends to try it!

The recipes on the link below include advice for planning and preparation, grocery lists and substitutions for recipes (in case you don’t like certain ingredients). Always talk to your doctor if you have allergies that would prevent you from eating certain foods, particularly if you are not sure what it is.

Let’s learn to craft some top smoothies!


Pumpkin Pie Smoothie 

The smell of pumpkin pies baking around Halloween with the leaves changing as the air chills, reminds us that autumn is here. If you would like to wake up to the smell of pumpkin pie, without all the baking, try Pop Sugar’s Pumpkin Pie Smoothie. This one is healthy and delicious. It is loaded with fibre and protein and is low in calories and fat. There are no trans fats in this non-dairy smoothie. It is low in salt, and has absolutely zero cholesterol. A good source of potassium and Vitamin A, it’s also packing around 20% of your daily calcium needs, and about 15% of your daily iron requirements.

It comes in at 181 calories, not bad for a protein-packed breakfast. You can make it in minutes for a meal replacement anytime.The carbohydrates in this smoothie are 36.9 grams and the protein in the shake makes it great for muscles. The half banana could be frozen, or use a ripe banana. You could add a few ice cubes to chill it up even more.

Full 2 minute directions and recipe on this Link from Lizzie Fuhr 


Other Great low carb smoothie recipes on this link