Have you linked your runbritain and Strava profiles yet?

Connect with strava

Have you linked your Strava profile from your handicap profile page yet?

By using both the runbritain handicap scoring system and Strava, you are able to keep both racing and training data that can be used to inform your future goals and training programmes. To make this easier, for you, we have worked with Strava to faciliate a link-up between your two profile pages.

To activate this connection, you need to go onto your runbritain profile page and click the Connect button that is underneath your profile picture. (You can also disconnect this from your Account page). When you click the button, you will be taken to an authorisation page on Strava, if you have an account, or it will go to  Strava to explain what Strava is with links to register and/or sign in. Once you have connected, a Strava orange badge will be visible on your profile page and anyone will be able to click it to see your Strava page where you have information of  the training you have done in order to achieve your performances. This will give a much broader picture of your training, racing and activity.

Activate the link today for a joined-up approach to your training and racing!