Howells current leader of June Reward Running

JReward Runningune Reward Running has been underway for almost two weeks now and the current leader is David Howells (Chiltern) who appeared to make the most of the Jubilee weekend with three races in four days and a handicap - for now - of 11.9.

Junior athlete Paige Nealon of Peterborough is currently second after two 3k races and one 5k this month so far (and a handicap of 16.0), while the north east’s Karen Stopforth is third with a handicap of 25.8.

After bonus months in April and May, we have an even bigger and better bonus month in June with four spot prizes (Sennheiser headphones) up for grabs!

If you haven’t entered Reward Running before, here are a few things you need to know!

Reward Running is our free monthly competition where runners can win a prize if they reduce their handicap score by the largest number of points in the month. At the end of the month, the runners who are in the top 10 of the leaderboard that month will win a prize - an adidas miCoach for the winner, and Sennheiser headphones for the rest.

The top 10 consists of the runners who have improved their handicap the most in that month (make sure you’ve claimed your free runbritain handicap first!), but within the top 10, one place is reserved for the most improved in each of the four handicap categories:

1: 5 or under
2: 6-12
3: 13-20
4: 21 or above

There is also one place reserved for the most improved runner that has run at least 10 races in the year before the competition month.

All the information you need is on the runbritain rankings site - including a link to May's winners!