IAAF Race Emergency Medicine Workshop

Callum Hawkins and Dewi Griffiths

The UK hold many premier IAAF standard elite events throughout the year. The IAAF have introduced a mandatory course for those who hold an IAAF label race.   

As of 2020 the IAAF Heath and Science Dept. will require Race Medical Directors of IAAF label races, to attend one Race Emergency Medicine Workshop every second year. These workshops are organised by IAAF and IIRM (the International Institute for Race Medicine), in different locations of the world, and are designed for road races medical staff as part of the continuing medical education process.

Therefore, having participated to an IAAF-IIRM Race Emergency Medicine Workshop, will soon become one of the criteria considered for races label renewal and/or awarding. Participation to Race Emergency Medicine Workshop is free of charge for IAAF labelled races Medical Directors, while there is a registration fee for other professionals.

The IAAF-IIRM Emergency Race Medicine Workshop, is a one-day course combining theory and practice, with the objective of providing participants with the ability to manage various scenarios, as they relate to medical and health care management during endurance events.

Participation in the workshop is limited to 60 people, as the practical part of the course will be delivered through small groups, and participants’ interaction is a fundamental part of the learning process.

The IAAF  have already organized workshops in Boston, Tokyo, Doha and Washington D.C this year.

The next workshop will take place in Valencia, with the support of the Valencia Marathon organizers, on the 9th November. 


Registration can be done through the IAAF website https://www.iaaf.org/about-iaaf/health-science/next-events