Ian Kimpton and Lily Partridge lead runbritain Grand Prix

Reading finish line and gantry

We are pleased to have the Grand Prix standings live and congratulate Ian Kimpton (handicap -4.2) and Lily Partridge (handicap -1.2) who are at the top of the table after the first race in the Vitality Reading Half Marathon.

We originally reported that Paul Pollock (handicap -5.3) was at the top of the table but Paul represents Ireland in international competition and the Grand Prix awards points to British finishers. Points are awarded for the first 250 finishing positions at all six events and there are extra bonus points for fast times.

Both Ian and Lily received and extra 100 points for their times and so are sitting on the top with 350 points each. In the men's race, Ian ran 64:31 and Lily ran three minutes faster than her best ever time recording 70:31.

John Beattie (handicap -4.9) was the 2nd British runner, in the men's race and collected 249 points plus an extra 100 for his time that also broke the 65 minute barrier (64:48) and Ben Lindsay (handicap 0.3) collected 248 points for finishing 3rd British runner with a time of 65:04. Neil Hart (handicap 1.6) is the 250th British runner on the score board and so has 1 point. His time was 79:41.

Lily was the only female runner to collect the 100 extra bonus points for breaking 71 minutes. Second British runner was Alyson Dixon (handicap -0.9) and third was Helen Clitheroe (handicap -0.8) with 71:29 and 73:01 respectively. Aimie Bunhejee (handicap 11.9) collects 2 points for 249th position and a time of 98:18. 250th place is still to be identified.

For full standings click here.