International Elliptical Cycling Day - 11 July

Manchester to Blackpool

There are several ElliptiGO tours and events taking place on the weekend of 11th/12th July along with International Elliptical Cycling Day.

The ElliptiGO London Tour will take place on 11 July. Please follow this link to sign up for the London Tour event (which is free to ElliptiGO owners).

If you haven't yet tried ElliptiGO training, there is scope for a few ElliptiGOs to be hired by non-ElliptiGO owners in order to take part in this event (ElliptiGO hire will cost £35 per bike). To hire an ElliptiGO for the event please follow this link.

ElliptiGO riders in and around the Midlands are invited to join in a charitable ElliptiGO riding challenge taking place at Draycote Water, in Rugby (Warwickshire). This social event is taking place in support of Water Aid and Earthquake victims in Nepal.

Riders are invited to complete loops of the Draycote Water reservoir - a brilliant venue for ElliptiGO riding - and to mingle with other ElliptiGO riders who will be there, while participation raises funds for a very worthy cause. Please follow this link for more information on the event format - and to enter.

The Manchester to Blackpool sportive cycling event is a 60-mile public cycling event taking place on 12 July 2015. A large group of ElliptiGO riders will be present in this event and will be riding together. This ride distance is achievable for most riders, with the correct preparation and relaxed pacing. The slow pace of the group on the day will ensure that everyone gets through the event comfortably.

To sign up for the Manchester to Blackpool Bike Ride please follow this link - and for more details about the ElliptiGO group's arrangements (or if you are not sure you can do the distance, but would like to try) - please email for more detailed advice.