Is your name on the list? Are you in?

Reward Running Scheme Image

This month's Reward Running has a record entry of runners intent on bringing down their handicap score in order to claim the first prize of an adidas miCoach or one of eleven sets of Sennheiser headphones.

We made a few changes for this month in that everyone who had entered at least in one month this year was automatically entered for the June competition (5500 runners). If you have not been automatically entered we need you to login and click to enter from your profile page. If you are a new user you need to claim your handicap first to get a login and then you can enter. Entries are currently just short of 6000, our biggest ever!

Entrants for the main prizes of an adidas miCoach or Sennheiser headphones need to have done at least three licensed races or parkuns in the 12 months before start the of June to qualify although  anybody is eligible for the two spot prizes that we give away each month.

This month we are announing, up front, the positions that we will reward spot prizes to and those will be 3,000th and 4,000th.

Andrew Williamson is currently leading the competition by improving his score by more than 6 points. He is a regular at the Citypark parkrun and has been working on improving his 5k time.

There is a prize reserved for the first person in each of the following handicap score categories:

1: 5 or under
2: 6-12
3: 13-20
4: 21 or above

Andrew is in category 3

Ruth Brown is currently leading category 4, Martin Waite is leading category 2 and Ian McPherson is leading category 1.

Currently sitting in the spot prize positions are Elisabeth Blaber (3000th), who coincidentally won a spot prize last month (!) and Jonathan Bishop (4000th). Anything could happen over the next two weekends though so keep up the good training and good luck in your next race!