Jenson takes handicap down in preparation for first race of the Grand Prix

The runbritain rankings system

The first race of the Grand Prix takes place on 17th March for runners in Great Britain but there's one runbritain handicap scorer who can't make it because he will be competing in a different opening Grand Prix race in Australia on the same day.

That runner is Jenson Button, British Formula One (F1) driver, who has been driving his runbritain handicap score down during his pre-season training. On his own website he talks about enjoying his 'break' during the F1 off-season by 'relaxing' in Hawaii. What he doesn't say is that he actually ran a sub-3-hour marathon whilst he was there and since then he has run a sub-80 minute half marathon at the Semi Marathon de Cannes in between testing sessions in Barcelona!

Jenson went in on the runbritain handicap scoring system at an impressive 7.4 through his 2:58:34 time in the Honolulu Marathon. He then lowered it by a full 2 points to 5.4 in the half marathon in Cannes.

We wish him the very best of luck in Melbourne on 17th March and look forward to seeing how many runners we can get under his handicap score at the Mizuno Reading Half Marathon here in the UK on the same day!