Keep on Running!

"Marathons make you miserable, but they also give you the most unlikely and the most indescribable pleasures," says arts journalist Phil Hewitt who has completed over 20 marathons in conditions ranging from blistering heat to snow and ice, in locations from Berlin to New York. "It’s a world that I love - a world unlocked when you dress up in lycra, put plasters on your nipples and run 26.2 miles in the company of upwards of 30,000 complete strangers."

Keep On Running - The highs and Lows of a Marathon Addict, is a story of an ordinary guy’s addiction to running marathons and looks at the highs and lows, the motivation that keeps you going when your body is crying out to stop, and tries to answer the ultimate question, "Why do you do it?"

"It’s a beautiful description of one man’s passion for the open road, powered by rock ’n’ roll,” says Aviva GB & NI endurance athlete Jo Pavey.

“This is a wonderful and frank view of a first-time-marathoner-turned-running-addict,” says Liz Yelling, double Olympian and Commonwealth bronze medallist. “Phil shares the pitfalls and emotions that running a marathon for the first time evoke and how running can grab you and draw you back for more."

‘Phil Hewitt’s highly entertaining Keep on Running reminded me of my own marathon experiences – the inevitable suffering followed by elation at finally crossing the finishing line,” says Anna Nicholas, author and journalist. “It is a must-read for all runners, particularly those contemplating a marathon for the first time.’

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