Keeping active during local coronavirus lockdowns

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We are highlighting to give some clarity in the confusion about what sport and physical activity is allowed during some increased local lockdowns for parents, people and professionals itching to be active and healthy.

The increase in local lockdowns in recent times has presented a challenge to community and grassroots sport and organised physical activity.

There has been some confusion about what is allowed in areas where restrictions have been tightened and some inaccurate reporting about what people can and can’t do.

Central government has been clear that grassroots sport and organised physical activity can currently continue in areas where there are local lockdowns, as long as those activities abide by the stringent plans put in place to ensure they were given the go ahead in the first place.

What is to be avoided is socialising in or around that activity – and where there are organised games and physical activity-related events, people should not gather to watch in an amateur setting.

Full details of the areas subject to local restrictions, and what those restrictions are, can be found here.

There has been a huge amount of work done in recent weeks and months, by governing bodies and organisers of grassroots sport and organised physical activity to get back up and flowing.

Protocols are in place to enable them to do so safely and adherence to these have been widely adopted across the country.

Sport and physical activity providers have gone about helping people back into activity diligently. The sector is grateful for central and local government’s continued support and understanding of the importance of activity to people’s physical and mental wellbeing, whatever form it takes, whilst also understanding that the picture is evolving in local areas quickly and that it takes time to communicate the latest 'standards'.

It’s also important to remember that being healthy and fit is an important part of helping people stave off coronavirus (Covid-19) in the first place. Additionally we know of the positive and vital mental health benefits at a time when people are struggling.


Return to play guidelines

Good luck and go running!