Let Sennheiser Training Zone bring training ideas to your environment

Dragon's Back

How is your running going and where is it going at the moment? With so many runners going away for the bank holiday we thought we should point you in the direction of some of the articles in our Sennheiser Training Zone that can bring ideas on how to train whilst you are away. So whether it is city, beach or mountains there's plenty here to inspire you whilst you holiday.



If your holiday involves running through urban surroundings you may well be able to find yourself a track on which to train. Click here for track sessions that will keep your running fitness top notch whilst you are away. If the road is the only option then some threshold work will give you a great workout without taking up too much of your time. However, you need to take extra care on the streets. Particularly in an area that you don't know so here are some top tips to keep you safe.


If you're heading to the sun you should read our articles on running in the heat and running in the sun. Once you've done this you should make the most of the sand for resistance training and to improve your technique.


There will be plenty of inspiration for you in the mountains and the obvious sessions to do are hill repetitions. Make sure you are strong enough for the technical demands of the hill that you choose though. Click here for advice on staying safe on mountainous terrain.

Enjoy the weekend break!