Let Sennheiser Training Zone keep you on the programme


It's late summer and the time of year when many runners take a break before gearing up for their autumn racing programme. Do you need some help with planning?

Check out our Sennheiser Training Zone that is packed with advice on how to:

  • Build endurance. Take a look at the runfurther section with training schedules to help you 'get round' your chosen race distance
  • Improve speed. Take a look at the runfaster section with training schedules to help you get a faster time
  • Improve strength. Take a look at our runstronger section with articles on how to improve your strength-endurance

We also have sections to help you runsmarter that can help with developing mental strength, runsmoother to help you with your running technique, runwithrhythm to help you pick your tunes to train to, runrobustly to help you prevent injury and runsafer with advice on running alone, running in remote areas, in hot weather and more.

We also have a Training Wizard to help you design your own bespoke programme. All you need to do is tell him that you are training for the half marathon, tell him your target time (or to just get round), your training focus (build aerobic base/endurance, improve speed, improve strength or improve running economy) and whether you want an easy, moderate or hard training week and he will provide your schedule week by week! It's that easy. All you have to do is the training!

So, if you haven't yet done your plan for the autumn season now is the time to get busy writing your programme.

Good luck!