Love long distance!

Welsh CastlesThe 2012 West Highland Way Race takes place this weekend, starting at 1am on Saturday 23 June. The start time alone makes it an interesting and difficult concept, but the object of the race is simple; you start at Milngavie Railway Station (slightly north of Glasgow) and run, jog or walk to Fort William Leisure Centre in (you guessed it!), Fort William, by noon on Sunday 24 June.

In a nutshell, it’s 35 hours to cover 95 miles including 14,760ft of ascent. So, in the words of the famous Meerkat: Simples!

Along the way, competitors must pass through checkpoints with time limits, and in order to participate they must have their own motorised backup, consisting of at least two people, one who must be capable of covering the last two sections with them (or find them if they get lost!!), if assistance is required, or during the hours of darkness.

It’s a crazy, amazing, stunningly beautiful event (check out some of the videos and pictures on the event website) and quite rightly, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. The fast approaching 2012 edition did get me thinking however, about how running, jogging and even walking can be done in so many varied formats that why would anyone considering anything else?

Just under a fortnight ago I took part in a slightly less extreme event myself, but with impressive credentials nonetheless!

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