Masters runners producing superb 10k age group performances

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Congratulations to the many masters runners and Celtic guests who took part in the Simplyhealth Great Birmingham 10k recently. Over 170 competitive club runners aged 35 through to 83 years, representing over 150 clubs took part – producing some superb age group performances. 

Race day conditions weren’t conducive to producing fast times, but this didn’t stop the runners from making the most of the day and demonstrating that it’s never too late to set new goals and targets and be competitive in sport. It was a proud day for those taking part and also an inspirational one for many of those spectating.

As Alexa King (handicap 2.4)  said, “You have given me and my family a huge amount of pleasure and pride and it’s inspiring to see so many talented runners of all ages. My parents ran a lot in the 1980s (both did the London marathon) but stopped running due to knee/ hip problems in slightly later life; however, as a result of coming to watch yesterday my Mum (who is now 68) has promised to take up running again and I plan to hold her to it!! Thanks so much again, it was a fantastic day.”

Many of the team were just as competitive in the overall race as they were amongst their fellow masters runners. Kirsty Longley (handicap 1.3 & V40) finished runner up in the overall race behind 25 year-old Chloe Richardson (handicap -0.2) and 26 seconds ahead of five-time Olympian Jo Pavey (handicap 3.0) in third place. Whilst in the men’s race Stuart Spencer (V35, handicap -4.4) finished third to England international Doug Musson (handicap -5.2) and Graham Rush (handicap -5.3).

Whilst England dominated the team competition over the Celtic Nations, the two stand-out male and female WAVA age graded performances(based on age on the day) came from Scotland’s Alastair Watson (V60) and Fiona Matheson (F55, handicap 3.3). Matheson with the highest score of the day logging a world class 98.92% with her time of 38:17. England’s Yuko Gordon (F65, handicap 9.8) was the second highest score of the day with 98.23% for her time of 44:22.

There were two father and son pairings on the day. Pictured are Ben Beattie (M35, handicap -0.1) running for England with his father Geoff Beattie (M65, handicap 14.8) running for Northern Ireland. Ben finished 35:19, whilst father Geoff in 53:04 with Ben just edging the win on the WAVA age graded score. On the Celtic team, Mark (handicap 0.5) and John Horsman  (handicap 19.1)representing Wales also made it another family double act demonstrating just what a fantastically inclusive sport running can be.

Charlotte Fisher (Road Running Manager) said after the event “These runners really are an inspirational bunch. The camaraderie amongst the two teams is great to see and anyone out there watching can’t help be inspired by their achievements.”


Top 3 Age-graded


  1. Alistair Walker (Celtic)                     35.36               / 94.74% age graded performance 
  2. Paul Mingay (England)                    35.29               / 94.18%
  3. Terry Scott (England)                       31.55               / 91.81%



  1. Fiona Matheson (Celtic)                    38.17              / 98.92% age graded performance 
  2. Yuko Gordon (England)                     44.22               / 98.23%
  3. Penny Forse (England)                      46.54               / 94.35%


Age Group winners

M35    Stuart SPENCER ENG                       31:04
M40    Mark JENKIN ENG                             32:10
M45    Terry SCOTT ENG                              31:55
M50    Tony WRIGHT ENG                          34:22
M55    Stephen WATMOUGH ENG             35:43
M60    Paul MINGAY ENG                           35:29
M65    Paul WHELPTON ENG                     38:46
M70    Ron McCULLOUGH ENG                 43:22
M75    Victor SHIRLEY ENG                        45:56
M80    Tony BERRY ENG                             58:18


W35   Elizabeth RENONDEAU ENG          37:12
W40    Kirsty LONGLEY ENG                     36:23
W45    Caroline HOYTE ENG                     37:13
W50    Susan MCDONALD ENG                  39:12
W55    Fiona MATHESON CEL                     38:17
W65    Yuko GORDON ENG                          44:22
W70    Anne DOCKERY ENG                        51:39
W75    Penny ELLIOTT ENG                         54:02


Click here for full results for the England v Celtic Masters competition