Mental preparation: new Sennheiser traning articles

SennheiserYou can often become so focused on physical training that you fail to appreciate the importance of mental preparation. The latest articles published on our Sennheiser training site should put you right!

runsmarter: Creating a mental training programme

Many studies have shown that the mind's influence on the body's performance is huge. Mental training should form part of any runner's training programme but what does this training look like and how should you carry it out?

You should treat your mental training as you do your physical training.

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runsmarter: Mental toughness

When you are trying to convince your sedentary friends to take up running how do you sell it? Do you talk about the freedom and how relaxed, happy and full of life you feel? This is a great image of running but we all know that it doesn't always feel like that. To get better you have to work harder and sometimes that hurts. How do you motivate yourself to put in the tough sessions or to keep running up that never-ending hill?

Each runner responds to a tough training session differently from the next. Here are three runners who you may know...

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runsmarter: SMARTER running goals

Keeping focused and consistent in your training is key to ensuring you progress your running fitness but sometimes this can be easier said than done. Life can get in the way and it can be all too easy to miss a few days training here and there and then, before you know it, your fitness levels have slipped and your motivation takes a dive.

The best way to keep yourself motivated and on track is to set yourself a goal. Once you have a target or goal you are more likely to ensure that you fit your training into your life.

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