Mo slipped from the top of the ladder

The runbritain rankings system

Mo Farah (handicap MINUS 6.5) and Andrew Osagie (handicap MINUS 6.5) have been switching places at the top of the runbritain National Ladder all year and Andrew has once again risen to the top as Mo's recent lack of racing has pushed his handicap score from 6.6 back to 6.5.

There actual scores are:

Andrew - MINUS 6.514

Mo - MINUS 6.461

Unfortunately, because of illness, Mo has missed several competitions, this summer, including the Grand Prix in Glasgow, the Anniversary Games in London and he is also missing the Commonwealth Games and so his handicap score has started to slide. Andrew, on the other hand has had a busy season of racing. Unfortunately, he was disqualified from the 800m competition at the Commonwealth Games yesterday as he appeared to block fellow competitor, Joe Thomas (handicap MINUS 5.7), as they approached the finishing line.

The women's ladder still has Julia Bleasdale (handicap MINUS 2.2) at the top with Laura Weightman (handicap MINUS 2,2), Lynsey Sharp (handicap MINUS 2,2), Jessica Judd (handicap MINUS 2.2) and Jenny Meadows (handicap MINUS 2.1) chasing hard.

Their actual scores are:

Julia - MINUS 2.295

Laura - MINUS 2.223

Lynsey - MINUS 2.218

Jessica - MINUS 2.130

Jenny - MINUS 2.130

Unfortunately, Julia has had to pull out of the Commonwealth Games with a leg injury but the others are there this week. Laura Weightman got a sliver medal in the 1500m last night and Lynsey Sharp, Jessica Judd and Jenny Meadows are set to compete in the heats of the 800m today so it all could change at the top!

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