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SennheiserI’m sure many of you are feeling inspired to take up running (or jogging!) after watching last week’s Virgin London Marathon, so as we continue to build our library of articles on the runbritain Sennheiser training site, you can check out this week’s latest offerings...

For the beginner's among you we've got a 'Getting Started' article...and associated with that, in fact going hand-in-hand, an article about the all important warm up!

runfurther: Getting started

First of all, let's look at the health benefits of runnning:

*It reduces risk of coronary heart disease (CHD), cancer, strokes, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and osteoporosis

*It can increase emotional well-being and confidence

*It decreases levels of stress, depression and anxiety

*It helps with weight loss and weight management

*It increases muscular efficiency

*It helps you enjoy better sleep

*It gives you more energy

Wow! What are you waiting for?

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runfurther: Make sure you warm up!

What can a warm up do?

Depending on the activity you choose for your warm up it can:

*Increase muscle blood flow , take oxygen to your muscles and increase the oxygen uptake

*Increase muscle, tendon and ligament elasticity and so reduce the risk of injury

*Increase body temperature and prepare you physically

*Switch on the mind and prepare you psychologically

*Accelerate respiratory system and help your breathing

*Raise your heart rate and so activate your cardiovascular system

*Increase supply of synovial fluid and so increase range of movement

Bending down to tie your laces won't do any of the above but a general warm up (slow and steady running) followed by a dynamic warm up (quick and extended movements of the muscles that you will use to run) will!

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