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Sennheiser trainingOver the course of the past week we’ve focused on getting started, but now we’re looking at some specifics, so check out our Sennheiser training site for newly published articles on Repetition or Interval Training and Fartlek or Speed Play.

Repetition or Interval Training?

So, you want to run faster?

There are many ways of training to make this happen. Running quickly over a set distance several times over is called repetition training and will improve your speed-endurance so that you can improve your times in endurance events. The recovery you have in between each repetition is crucial: the more recovery you have, the faster you will be able to run the repetitions so your speed will improve; if the recovery is kept short you may not achieve the same speed but you may be able to do more of them so your speed-endurance will improve. The recovery in between the repetitions is called the 'interval'. Whether you call it 'repetition training' or 'interval training' may depend on whether you are focused on the efforts or the recoveries but, in essence, they refer to the same session.

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Fartlek or Speed Play?

Fartlek training literally means 'speed play' in Swedish, which is where it originated.

This training technique was employed by Gosta Holmer, coach to world record holders Gunder Haag and Arne Anderson as he worked to increase their leg-turnover and speed-endurance.

The traditional fartlek session would take place in the pine forests of Sweden and the runners would run fast or slow as they felt. Easy or steady running would be interspersed by bursts of speed or longer efforts whenever the mood took the runners and so the runners would train in both aerobic and anarobic training zones.

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