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SennheiserAs we continue to build our library of articles on the runbritain Sennheiser training site, check out this week’s latest offerings on aerobic and anaerobic training:

runfurther: Have you ever slowed down long enough to ask yourself the question, how does running improve fitness?

If you were to take a look around your local gym you would see various machines and exercises for various areas of the body. Many are designed to increase strength in certain muscles and can require fast, controlled or explosive movements. They often take less time and fewer repetitions than the number of foot contacts we make with the ground when we run. Running, along with other endurance activities, also make many of our muscles stronger but none more so than the heart. Endurance is about sustained exercise with repetition and this combination makes for a healthy heart. When we run our muscles ask for more oxygen and we ask our heart to pump more oxygen carrying blood to them. Our heart then increases the number of beats per minute and pushes out more blood with each stroke than it would otherwise. Cardiac output is increased.

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runstronger: The benefit of anaerobic lactate training...

When you run at a pace that takes you above your maximum aerobic capacity you still use glucose or glycogen to provide energy (as you do when running aerobically) but lactic acid is also produced. This can be transported away by the blood vessels to the liver, where it is removed, but when you are working hard you produce the lactic acid faster than you can transport it away and you then creep closer and closer to your "lactate threshold". Once you go over this threshold fatigue sets in and you have to slow down. Training can push your lactate threshold up so that you can run at higher intensities and faster paces and then you can maintain a faster pace for longer periods of time or over more difficult terrain.

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If this is your first visit to the Sennheister training site, it’s easy to use and is split into sections to help you find what’s most relevant to you:

*The runfurther section gives you guidance on how to train aerobically and how it will work for you

*The runfaster section offers advice on how to run faster for longer

*The runstronger section will give you ideas on training sessions that you can do to build your strength endurance so that the occasional hill or stiff breeze requires little extra effort

*The runsmarter section is our guide to attaining mental running power

*The runsmoother section is all about technique and running efficiency

*The runwithrhythm section looks at what music can do for you; academic research confirms that listening to music can lower perception of effort, increase motivation and enhance performance!

In addition to the above, you can also check out the runbritain Training Wizard!

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