More races and racers in 2014

Greater Manchester Marathon

Just as runners all over Great Britain are reflecting on their performances of the past 12 months, here at runbritain we are taking a look at the trends in racing from the past year.

Once again, the stats show that we can celebrate maginficent growth in the number of performances you have recorded as well as the number of events that have been on the calender in 2014. Welsh events will join English events with online licensing and entry through runbritain in early 2015.

The number of performances we have recorded is almost 1,000,000 more than those recorded in 2013. 64.9% of the 2014 total were parkruns whereas 56% were parkruns in 2013 and this highlights significant growth in the number of runners participating in the huge number of parkruns now on offer.

The exact figures for the past four years are here:


Total Performances (includes overseas races)

2014: 3,706,924
2013: 2,737,352
2012: 2,042,307
2011: 1,598,017

parkrun Performances

2014: 2,367,194
2013: 1,530,497
2012: 904,175
2011: 516,728

Non-parkrun Performances

2014: 1,339,730
2013: 1,206,855
2012: 1,138,132
2011: 1,081,289

Events licensed online by runbritain

2014: 2405

2013: 2115

2012: 2013

2011: 2001

Keep up the good work and keep on racing! Let's give 2015 the biggest growth ever!