More races and racers in 2015

Cardiff 10k 2015

Over the last two weeks we have been gathering data from 2015 and looking at the health of the UK's road running scene.

Once again, the stats show that we can celebrate maginficent growth in the number of performances you have recorded as well as the number of events that have been on the calender in 2015.

There is an increase of more than 1,000,000 performances between 2014 and 2015.

The exact figures for the past five years are here:


Year parkrun non-parkrun total
2011 0.516m 1.081m 1.598m
2012 0.904m 1.138m 2.042m
2013 1.530m 1.206m 2.737m
2014 2.367m 1.339m 3.706m
2015 3.249m 1.472m 4.722m


Handicap score claimants

The runbritain hanidcap scoring system was launched mid-way through 2010 and each year there has been an average of almost 10,000 signing up to the system that tracks race and parkrun performances and gives every runner in the UK a handicap score that reflects fitness and commitment levels.

The year-on-year figures are:

2010 - 7,936

2011 - 16,215 (+8,273)

2012 - 29,487 (+13,272)

2013 - 39,671 (+10,184)

2014 - 50,464 (+10,793)

2015 - 60,491 (+10,027)

Events licensed and insured online and offline by runbritain

In addition to the below races, all weekly parkruns are insured and licensed.

2012: 3033

2013: 3175

2014: 3254

2015: 3715

Keep up the good work and keep on racing! Let's give 2016 the biggest growth ever!