Morning Runs are just the tonic for staying healthy and alert

Morning run

Ask any runner who regularly puts in a morning run and they’ll happily tell you it sets them up for the day, and research backs up the advantages of morning running too.

So what are the benefits of running before breakfast? Well, isn't it just a great (and possibly smug) feeling when, by 8 o' clock you have exercised, showered and eaten breakfast so the working day begins with a clean slate and the knowledge that, once it is done, there is no rush to fit in the training before it gets too late and you get too tired. There are probably many training sessions that get shelved because runners get home from work and just feel too exhausted to put their shoes on and get out of the door.

It may also be better for those runners who are responsible for others, whether that's children or family members as you may be able to get your training done whilst they are still sleeping.

As well as getting it out of the way, there are other benefits to running in the morning. Because your glycogen levels are low before breakfast, your body has to burn more fat to generate energy and so it may well be a better way of keeping weight down than running later in the day. Running before breakfast also apparently kick-starts your metabolism and keeps you burning calories once you have finished, It could be said that four miles in the morning is worth six at night.

Perhaps it's time to take a leaf out of a morning runner’s routine  and get the run done early!


Benefit 1: Improves Cardiovascular Fitness.

Benefit 2: Good Mood.

Benefit 3: Decreases Stress Levels.

Benefit 4: More Energy.

Benefit 5: Better Sleep.

Benefit 6: Supports immune health.

Benefit 7:Better Bone Health.

Benefit 8: Easier to create a habit.

Benefit 9: Improves productivity.

Benefit 10: Fewer people at the gym treadmill.