Music to our ears: running with rhythm!

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It’s been a busy week of new content going live on our Sennheiser training site and now, last but not least (and quite fittingly for a Friday!), we’ve decided to up the ante and bring a bit of music to your training with the following articles which focus on treadmill running, music for the long run and the benefits of training to music.


However, while we want you to enjoy your training, please note the following: runbritain is proud to have Sennheiser as sponsor of all of its training content and as such, runbritain recommends Sennheiser headphones, where music and audio support can safely be used as part of runner's overall training. runbritain does not endorse the use of headphones during races where marshals' instructions, race-route traffic and the sound of other runners need to be audible.

runwithrhythm: Treadmill running

There are many times and reasons for running on a treadmill, such as during the winter months when well-lit running routes are hard to find, or when the snow on the ground makes outside running treacherous; some runners simply prefer to run in the gym because it is familiar territory and entertainment is available in the form of TV screens, people-watching or chatting to other gym go-ers.

Read on for some ideas on how to maximise your treadmill sessions.

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runwithrhythm: Music for the long run

The long run is one of the key components of any runner's training programme. It is usually scheduled in once a week or once per fortnight and varies in length depending on the runner's target race distance. If you are training for a marathon your long run may eventually be around 20 miles, whereas if you are training for a 10km it could be eight miles or maybe less. Some runners look forward to the long run as it can be a chance to run at a relaxed pace, often with company and on an inspiring route.

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runwithrhythm: The benefits of training to music

Training to music has never been more popular, and now it is being injected into track and field competition too. Anyone who was in the Olympic Stadium in 2012 or watching it on television won't have failed to hear the uplifting music that added to the atmosphere for both performers and spectators.

Runners have been using music to train to since the first Walkman Personal Stereos hit the markets in the late 70s. Today it can more comfortable because there are more running specific products on the market and more enjoyable because the sound quality is better.

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