Nell McAndrew qualifies as running group leader

Nell McAndrew has qualified as a running group leaderFitness enthusiast Nell McAndrew recently took the brave decision to make the step up from keen runner to qualified running group leader as she undertook a Leadership in Running Fitness course.

Nell’s running journey so far - since receiving great support from her local athletics club Thames Valley Harriers when she started running - has seen her run some impressive times on the road as well as complete the Virgin London Marathon in just a shade over three hours. She recently took part in the Bushy parkrun and has also done a huge amount for various good causes.

Looking to put her health and fitness experience to good use, and help motivate other mums in a similar situation to her, Nell decided to enrol on a LiRF course in Middlesex, held by England Athletics, with a view to setting up her own Run England group.

With a busy career as well as being a mum, Nell fits running in around school drop offs and whenever she can find a spare 45 minutes, and with the new group she hopes that she’ll be able to encourage other busy mums to improve their fitness too.

"I really enjoy running. I love exercise full stop really and I’m always trying to encourage family members, friends or anybody around me to be involved in some kind of run, because I think it just makes you feel so much better about yourself."

Nell admits to feeling nervous about setting up the running group, but talks about how the skills she learnt on the LiRF course will help her set up and organise the group, and how anyone who is passionate about running and wants to pass on that passion, should get the qualification.

"The course gave me ideas about how to organise a session, because I'm quite nervous about doing it, it's something that I've never done before and it's different going along to a group to actually leading a group.

"I've told loads of people about the course and just that it's for anyone who really is passionate about running and wants to help get other people started."

Listen to the full podcast with Nell on the Run England website where she talks about her own running, what she learnt on the course, her nerves about setting up her own running group, and what she hopes will come from it.

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