Nicholas Torry top of the Grand Prix Leaderboard

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The fourth race in the runbritain Grand Prix took place at the Admiral Swansea Bay 10k yesterday where almost 3000 runners finished the route as they were cheered along the coastal road and footpaths by thousands of spectators.

The first British athlete home was Nicholas Torry (handicap MINUS 4.9) who has now completed all four of the Grand Prix events. His first place in a time of 29:13 gave him 450 points: 250 for first and a bonus of 200 points for breaking 29:30. This is only the third time a male athlete has achieved 450 points. Previously Mo Farah (handicap MINUS 6. 7) picked up 450 points at the Bupa London 10000 in 2012 and Phil Wicks picked up 450 at the Bristol 10k in 2011.

The next band for bonus points is 100 for sub 30:00. Paul Martelletti (handicap MINUS 3.5) was awarded 349 points: 249 for 2nd place and the extra 100 for his time of 29:57. Dave Webb (handicap MINUS 4.4), whose time of 30:00 was given the extra 100 points on top of 248 for 3rd.

Yesterday's event enabled Nicholas to increase his lead at the top of the leaderboard with 1179 points for the four races he has run. Dave is in 2nd with 848, after running in three events, meaning that he will have to achieve first place and 100 bonus points at the Lloyds Bank Half Marathon or the Age UK Leeds Abbey Dash in order to knock Nicholas off top notch.

In the women's event yesterday, Tish Jones (handicap MINUS 0.1) repeated her winning ways and achieved 250 points. She won the first of the 2013 Grand Prix races at the Mizuno Reading Half Marathon and repeated this yesterday by being the first British athlete across the line. Andrea Whitcombe (handicap 0.7) picked up 249 points and Katrina Wootton (handicap MINUS 1.0) stayed at the top of the leaderboard with her 248 points for 3rd.

Katrina now has a healthy 1047 points from three races partly thanks to an extra 200 bonus points that she achieved at the Bristol 10k for breaking 32:30 (32:23) and it will be difficult for anyone else to upstage her now.

Congratulations also go to Victoria Bailey (handicap 20.7) and Malcolm Bradley (handicap 9.8) who got themselves onto the leaderboard for the first time this year with one point for their 250th positions and times of  53:25 and 42:39 respectively.

NB this article was changed at 1810hrs on 23rd September to remove a non-British runner from 2nd pace.